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The Big Question At The G-20 Meeting—How Far Will Trump Go? (CNBC)

July 7, 2017

From the article:

The question in Hamburg this weekend is just how far the White House will go to disavow the G-20 agenda the U.S. has ushered for the past decade, and how strongly and effectively the rest of the G-20 might counter the Trump administration's more damaging isolationist tendencies. On the latter, Chancellor Merkel, along with China's President Xi, has vowed to make a strong push at this week's summit in favor of a robust climate agenda. And on the former, the White House itself is showing some signs of adopting the playbook of its predecessors, using the G-20 to roll out a new initiative on women's entrepreneurship in developing countries with backing from other key G-20 countries.

In recent months, President Trump has called on other countries to share more of the burden with the United States when it comes to security and foreign aid. This weekend he might discover that burden-sharing is just another word for multilateralism – an often frustrating, slow-moving process of global policy engagement that nonetheless holds the best hope for tackling the world's thorniest problems. For the sake of the flawed but necessary G-20 and the issues it seeks to address, let's hope he begins to learn that lesson quickly.

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