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Europe must retain united front as #Chinese expansionism intensifies (EU Reporter)

October 31, 2018

By Colin Stevens 

From the article: 

As Beijing continues to throw significant capital at its ambitious Belt and Road Initiative (BRI), there is mounting evidence, from Djibouti to Sri Lanka, of how such allegedly benign investment can quickly turn into political influence and expansionism. The EU must act quickly to follow America’s example with regards to screening Chinese FDI, before the bloc ends up with Djibouti-style problems in its own backyard. 


While Djibouti might be the most glaring example of China’s recent expansionism, it’s far from the only one. Last December, an insolvent Sri Lanka was forced into handing over control of the Chinese-funded port of Hambantota. Elsewhere, recent analysis by the Center for Global Development (CGD) concluded that eight nations around the world, from Tajikistan to the Maldives, were in severe risk of falling into exactly the kind of “debt-trap diplomacy” that has ensnared Sri Lanka. The West isn’t immune to such machinations, either; NATO member and EU candidate Montenegro featured on the CGD’s list of the eight most vulnerable countries. 

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