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The Future Delivery of Emergency Aid (The Guardian)

July 15, 2016

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The challenges faced by organisations charged with responding to humanitarian crises have never been greater. While a growing number of people around the world are affected by conflict, disease and natural disasters, the funding to provide emergency aid to them has never been so stretched. The financial deficit for humanitarian action is now believed to be $15bn.

The agreement was flawed from the outset, argued Owen Barder, vice-president and Europe director of the Centre for Global Development. “We want a humanitarian system whose primary response and accountability is to affected populations, but they are the people whose voice was least present in this bargain,” he said. “The idea we should be doing a bargain with old, wasteful, ineffective incumbents, who are heavily invested in the current way of doing business is insane – it is a bargain with the wrong people.”

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Vice President, Director of CGD Europe, and Senior Fellow