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India and US Benefit from Panned H-1B Work Visa Program – Study (TechWire Asia)

August 10, 2017

From the article:

The Center for Global Development and the University of Michigan have jointly published their findings that report the H-1B visa program has actually been a source of a number of economic benefits for both India and the United States.

The study, which was published on Monday, found income levels in both India and the US rose by US$17.4 billion or 0.36 percent, marking a wealth increase for employees by about US$431 million in 2010. Researchers Gaurav Khanna and Nicolas Morales found despite the fact there were some negative effects for workers who have their jobs sent overseas or taken by migrant workers, overall the effect of the H-1B program has been positive.

“The average worker in each country is better off because of immigration, and US native workers have made big gains because of the H-1B visa program,” Khanna said, according to Bloomberg.

The H-1B visa has been the target of vitriol from anti-immigrant politicians and activists for years now. I thas been widely panned by Americans across the political spectrum as the main cause of unemployment in the country. Morales and Khanna’s findings are based on analyses of more than 10 years of data.

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