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Kenya Can't Imitate China's Economic Model, As Things Stand (Daily Nation)

October 27, 2017

From the article:

My bet is that, Kenya specifically, and other developing countries, will need to be far more nimble than China was in negotiating manufacturing success.

report by the Centre for Global Development finds that only a few countries in Africa have the advantage in labour costs that would predict their ability to become manufacturing hubs.

Kenya, which has a comparatively diverse, large sector, is not among them, despite the fact that Kenya's long term growth prospects depend on the country's ability to unlock manufacturing efficiencies. The report appears to pour cold water on the wisdom informing Kenya’s industrial strategy.

Policy choices incompatible with being a regional manufacturing hub undermine the structural changes Kenya requires. If you agree with the report's conclusions, you may realise that Kenya’s overall development strategy is incoherent.

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