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World Bank Staff Warn About Trying To Do More, While Getting Paid Less (Devex)

May 23, 2018
WASHINGTON — World Bank staff representatives are worried the historic capital increase deal reached at the annual meetings last month will mean bank employees are asked to do more while being paid less.
The staff association has reiterated its concern that the agreement to infuse more capital into the institution has come at the expense of staff salary growth, a compromise they argue could make the bank less competitive for future job candidates. Others say the bank’s employees should remember that even if salary growth gets trimmed, a bigger World Bank is ultimately good news for staff.
...The World Bank staff association has argued the board should view the bank as competing more closely with private sector employers than with public institutions, but not everyone agrees with that view.
“Let’s do a direct comparison of bank salaries with the salaries of public employees in their membership,” said Scott Morris, senior fellow at the Center for Global Development and former United States Treasury official.

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