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The World Faces A Growing Refugee Crisis. Here's What Some Companies Are Doing About It (Fortune)

September 29, 2017

From the article:

As the world tries to house and care for a refugee population larger than the record set in World War II — some 65 million people have been forcibly displaced, according to the United Nations High Commission for Refugees — the cap on the number of asylum seekers allowed to enter the U.S. is the lowest it’s been since 1980. What’s more, the White House plans to lower the refugee cap again next year, according to the Wall Street Journal.

While the federal government takes a less active role in helping the victims of humanitarian crises, the Center for Global Development is highlighting a few companies have taken steps to help the one in 122 people that are displaced or seeking asylum.

The CGD is a D.C.-based think tank focused on policies to reduce global poverty and inequality. They released the report along with the Tent Foundation, an organization that works to improve the situations of refugees around the world through direct assistance as well as policies and partnerships.

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