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Nicolás Maduro
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An alleged assassination attempt against President Maduro may further destabilize the crisis in Venezuela. Cindy Huang and Kate Gough advise on how to best support displaced Venezuelans and their hosts.

Photo of the IFC headquarters. Credit: AgnosticPreachersKid via Wikimedia
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The International Finance Corporation wants to increase support for both private sector-led development and fragile states. But how viable are these goals?

adorable baby
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On July 23, an outbreak report in The Lancet Infectious Diseases documented the case of a female Ebola survivor who transmitted the virus to family members more than year later. This raises new questions about how pregnancy may impact the presentation of Ebola virus disease (EVD), not just for women in the near term but across multiple pregnancies, and potentially as the source of new outbreaks.


I argue that we did learn two very important things from growth research, and these were learned from research in the strong sense that they changed people’s views from a previous view that was incorrect.