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An iris scan for use with a biometric identification system
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It's Financial Inclusion Week. Read up on how digital ID can be used to promote financial inclusion and transform governance.

US-Mexico border
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If you’ve followed the news the last few days, you know that there is a migrant caravan approaching the US border, 7000-people strong. But who are these people, why have they left Central America, and what do they want once they cross the border?

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Donors are considering a proposal for a new “innovative finance mechanism” to increase funding for education, based on recommendations from Gordon Brown’s Education Commission. We agree that we need to finance an expansion of education in the developing world. But sadly, the International Finance Facility for Education (IFFEd) proposal is too good to be true. Using donor guarantees to increase lending by multilateral banks could increase the supply of loans—but there are simpler ways to do that without setting up a new facility.

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An article of faith among development economists is that “evidence-based policy” holds the promise of faster progress. I recently set out to find a rigorously evaluated pilot whose evidence had led to a program at scale. It wasn’t easy.