Commitment to Equity

The Commitment to Equity (CEQ), directed by CGD non-resident fellow Nora Lustig, offers research and analysis to support governments, multilateral institutions, and nongovernmental organizations in their efforts to build more equitable societies.  A partnership linking Tulane University, the Inter-American Dialogue, and CGD, the CEQ relies on country-level studies that use incidence analysis and diagnostic questionnaires to determine how taxation, government and social spending, cash transfers, and subsidies impact poverty and inequality.

CEQ Policy Assessments

Commitment to Equity Working Paper Series

CGD’s contribution to the CEQ includes helping to bring the work to the attention of a broad international audience and posting and disseminating selected CEQ studies as they become available.

The CEQ assessment gathers information on how government policies on taxation and expenditures either support or impede reductions in inequality and poverty (which may sometimes move in opposite directions!). The results provide governments with the data and analysis needed to bring policies in line with widely held societal goals; they can also be used to monitor the situation of ethnic and racial minorities and other excluded groups and determine the extent to which government taxes and spending affect their incomes and well-being.

Currently, the assessment covers most countries in Latin America. New partnerships with think tanks around the world and the World Bank, and funding from the Gates Foundation are making it possible for the CEQ to expand internationally to 30 countries including China, India, Indonesia, and parts of Africa. For full information on the CEQ, visit the Commitment to Equity website.