Basel III and Emerging Markets

Liliana Rojas-Suarez cochairs a new CGD Working Group investigating what the Basel III financial regulation framework will mean for emerging markets.

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Family Planning Funding

In the wake of the London Family Planning Summit, Rachel Silverman says it's time to get serious about ensuring the effectiveness, efficiency, and sustainability of family planning programs.

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IHH Humanitarian Relief Foundation

Improving Emergency Aid

Theresa May announced that the UK will put $30 million to purchasing disaster insurance for several African countries. Read the Payout for Perils Working Group's brief on how this could improve disaster aid.

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A Global Treaty to Address Antimicrobial Resistance

Overuse of antibiotics in livestock is accelerating the spread of drug-resistant superbugs around the globe. Janeen Madan Keller, Kim Elliott, and Charles Kenny break down findings from a recent CGD roundtable on the growing problem.

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Photo of women in a village in Rajasthan

Field Notes from Karauli, Rajasthan

Providing each family in a state of 80 million with a unique ID card and linking 100+ social programs to it is no small feat. Anit Mukherjee reports from India's digital frontier.

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Photo of field of crops
Wayne Stadler

Why the Farm Bill Matters for Development

Kimberly Ann Elliott proposes moderate but important changes to for next year's farm bill that would reform US agricultural policies to help American consumers and developing countries alike.

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G20 2017
Government of Germany

What to Expect from This Year's G20 Summit

In the absence of a US-backed G20 agenda, which areas will see progress, and which will be stalled? From migration and global health to digital payments and women's economic empowerment, CGD experts weigh in on the upcoming G20 Summit.

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A Win-Win for UK Nursing and Development

By linking skills creation in a lower-income country with controlled labor mobility to a higher-income country, we can reduce the UK's nursing shortage and benefit developing countries in the process.

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India Mobile Banking

Is Digital Finance in India’s Future?

India's "demonetization shock" proved the health of the country's digital payments ecosystem. New analysis suggests that while cash is still preferred, digital transactions are here to stay.

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Results Not Receipts

Does Weak Governance Doom Poor Countries?

Does development rely on slow-changing government institutions? A new book by Charles Kenny offers a more optimistic perspective on corruption and weak governance in development outcomes.

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