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Making Basel III Work in Emerging Markets

A new CGD Working Group, composed of leading experts on Basel III and economic development, will assess the relevance, advantages, and challenges for emerging markets’ financial stability derived from the global implementation of Basel III.

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Donald Trump speaks at the 2018 State of the Union, with Paul Ryan in the background

The Incredible Shrinking US Multilateralism

Scott Morris breaks down Treasury’s international affairs budget to highlight the unprecedented plunge in US funding to multilaterals, and what going it alone might cost the United States.

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Jim Kim

The Future of Global Development with Jim Yong Kim

How should developing countries cope with emerging global challenges? In our latest podcast, World Bank President Jim Yong Kim and CGD President Masood Ahmed discuss the future roles of technology, multilaterals, and the private sector.

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A Syrian woman who was displaced

The Future of Migration

Michael Clemens’ Global Skill Partnerships idea has gained strong traction within the UN and Global Compact process, including a direct reference in the new “zero draft” of the Global Compact for Migration and supporting UN Secretary-General report.

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Stock photo of a girl child in India

India: Hoping for a Boy

India is getting richer, but the data still shows a strong preference for male children.

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China and the World Bank

Should China still be able to borrow from the World Bank? Yes, writes Scott Morris, but it should also help advance global development through greater engagement with the Bank.

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Poverty in the US and Abroad

Charles Kenny and Justin Sandefur dig into Angus Deaton's new calculations of American poverty and question his results. They argue that while too many Americans are poor, America can afford to assist its citizens and the even poorer abroad.

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Chile's ranking in the World Bank's Doing Business rankings versus a recalculated score

The World Bank's “Doing Business” Rankings

Justin Sandefur and Divyanshi Wadhwa recalculate 12 years’ worth of rankings—and argue that whether or not they were manipulated, the rankings just aren’t very credible.

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Can Taxes Postpone Millions of Deaths?

Bill Savedoff breaks down what to expect from a new task force on fiscal policy for public health headed by Michael Bloomberg and CGD Board Chair Lawrence Summers.

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President Jacob Zuma addresses the World Economic Forum in Durban, South Africa in 2017. Photo by GovernmentZA
GCIS South Africa

Davos 2018: What to Look Out For

How can governments harness digital technology for better financial inclusion? How can businesses better engage with refugees? As the World Economic Forum kicks off, CGD experts weigh in with innovative, evidence-based solutions.

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