US Foreign Assistance Agency Briefs

How does the US government help developing countries? CGD explains the core development functions of USAID, the State Department, Treasury, MCC and OPIC.

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Masood Ahmed

Commit to Making a Global Impact

Join the CGD Society today to help drive policy innovation for development.

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Mariel Boatlift refugees

What the Mariel Boatlift Can Teach Us about Immigration

Michael Clemens finds a flaw in an influential study of Cuban immigrants to Miami—and shows they did not reduce US workers' wages.

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Living off the Land or Pathway to Poverty?

Cutting down forests is often seen as a way to make a living for poor families, but Frances Seymour shows how deforestation can actually be a pathway to poverty. 

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Young Professionals and the Future of Development

What will the big development problems of the future be and how will tomorrow’s leaders tackle them? CGD gathered early-career professionals to get their perspectives. Read and watch our recap.   

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Mark Green

A Sound Choice for USAID Administrator

President Trump’s pick for USAID Administrator is a development policymaker with a sound track record, says Scott Morris. Here’s why he thinks Mark Green could be good news for the future of US foreign assistance. 

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Lorie Shaull

Macron and Development

France's President-elect Emmanuel Macron has a real opportunity to deepen the country's commitment to development by setting strong policies for aid, migration, global security, and climate, says Anita Käppeli.

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Trump’s Foreign Aid Budget: Less Development, More Politics

Although Congress has increased the foreign affairs budget by $4.6 billion through September, President Trump's long-term vision for development assistance has been made clear: less aid, done less effectively, says Jeremy Konyndyk.

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Two Lessons on Results-Based Payments for Forests

As the Green Climate Fund moves to start paying for forest preservation, it should 1) keep rules simple, and 2) recognize that institutions may have to adapt to the pay-for-results model, says Jonah Busch.

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Annual Report 2016

CGD Stories in 2016

From advancing modern energy access, to helping guide the MDBs, to shining a light on global health successes around the world, 2016 was another year of rigorous research, innovation, and impact at CGD.

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