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Moving on…

Today is my last day as the vice president for communications and policy outreach at CGD. It’s been almost 10 years to the day since I joined CGD as director of communications in the modest offices at 1776 Massachusetts Ave. In that time my children have grown up and left home and CGD has moved twice, including last year’s move to our current premises at the corner of L and 21st Street. I began recording the Global Prosperity Wonkcasts in 2009, and have since done hundreds of these short policy interviews with CGD researchers and guests.  I have learned a bunch and had a blast, and I will miss my friends and colleagues here, even though my new employer, World Resources Institute (WRI), is just across town.

Obama on Climate (and Development)

President Obama's speech at the UN Climate Summit was long on ambition and short on specifics – with the exception of a executive order on US support for climate resilient development of uncertain merit.

The Best Job in the World

When my children were young we sometimes played a game at the Thanksgiving table: each diner wrote on a slip of paper something for which she or he was grateful, folded it and placed it in a basket. We then passed the basket and took turns picking one, reading it out loud and guessing who wrote it. I often wrote: "I am grateful to have meaningful work" and when it came time to explain I would say that I felt very lucky to work at CGD and to have what was for me the very best job in the world. 

Reflections and What’s Ahead—CGD Founding Board Chair Ed Scott

“Many of you will know that Ed Scott, who is a co-founder and the founding chair of CGD, is also the initial generous benefactor that made CGD possible,” CGD president Nancy Birdsall told a standing-room only lunchtime crowd in the Center’s new conference center. “We would not be here today without what he did.”

Grants for Fresh Approaches to Development Reporting

As a recovering foreign correspondent who once benefitted greatly from a mid-career journalism fellowship at the University of Michigan, I have a soft spot for funders who provide opportunities for hard-working hacks to try new approaches to difficult topics. So I was delighted to learn that the European Journalism Center is offering grants for  innovations in reporting on development. Here’s the announcement: