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Are Low Prices Really Bad for the Poor?

Martina Gernet has posted on Eldis a summary of several recent studies of the role of supermarkets in developing countries. All of them appear to be about the bad effects of supermarkets on workers and suppliers. I continue to be astonished by how the debate over the impact of supermarkets always ignores the huge gains in welfare of consumers, especially poor consumers.

Curing AIDS is All Prevention

World AIDS day RibbonThe plight of the HIV/AIDS epidemic was poignantly summarized by UNAIDS in its recent update: forty million people infected, 3 million annual deaths, and 5 million new infections this year. Is the war on AIDS being lost? It looks that way.

Brad Pitt Takes On Trade

From the Washington Post today:

Hollywood's most desirable man spent Friday preparing for a new role: Brad Pitt, trade expert.

Pitt takes this business seriously. Black suit, black notebook. A profound, concentrated look. Impressively neat handwriting.


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