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Class Act: The UK Invests in Global Education

Think about the plight of many of the poorest countries in the world: Governments may know that long-term national prosperity depends on getting children into school, teaching them well, and keeping them there until they’ve mastered reading, writing and arithmetic. But the social returns aren’t likely to come for more than a decade, when the six-year-olds of today enter the labor market.

Hans Singer's Life a Testimony to the Power of Ideas

Hans SingerIn a well-known toast to the Royal Economic Society in 1945, British development theorist Hans Singer assigned to economists the role of "trustees of the possibility of civilization." Today we might say trustees of the possibility of civilized globalization.

Hey, Europe, it's no time to soften sanctions on Zimbabwe

For the past few years, the US, Australia, and the EU have imposed limited ‘smart’ sanctions on Zimbabwe. These are mainly travel and financial restrictions against a handful of cronies around President Robert Mugabe to keep them from lavish shopping sprees in New York or stashing their cash in British banks. The West has opted not to use broader trade sanctions since such measures would probably hurt the average person more than political elites.

Congo-Brazzaville: Too corrupt for debt relief or too indebted to fight corruption?

After a bitter fight between the World Bank's board of directors and Bank President Paul Wolfowitz, Congo-Brazzaville was allowed to reach decision point in the HIPC program on March 9. The deal was almost held up after reports that Congo’s President Denis Sassou-Ngueso spent $300k at a New York hotel, but this scandal wasn’t enough to convince debt relief diehards that Congo wasn’t perhaps the most worthy recipient