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Cuba Sanctions: It’s Congress’ Turn to Act

The US sanctions against Cuba are among the most comprehensive, longest-lasting, and least effective sanctions imposed in the 20th century. At long last, President Obama is taking steps to normalize diplomatic relations and ease travel and other minor sanctions. But only Congress can end the 50+ years of futility in trying to coerce political reform in Cuba.

Four Futures for International Tax Rules

Consensus on the reform of international tax rules may be splintering under the combined pressures of post-crisis austerity and revelations about cut-throat tax ‘competition’ (see my discussion on this here). 

#Luxleaks: The Reality of Tax ‘Competition’

Aside from lurid revelations about individual companies and the big four accounting firms, the leaks of multinationals’ tax deals with Luxembourg confirm­—and expose to a wider audience­—the true nature of the tax ‘competition’ that prevents the emergence of effective international rules.


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