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CGD is incubating the Energy for Growth Hub, a new global network connecting research and policymakers to build high-energy systems.

The problem. Developing countries chronically lack power for industry, commerce, and especially job creation. This hidden energy poverty impacts billions—crippling their living standards and ensuring these countries and their citizens will fall farther behind in the global economy.

Current solutions are pitched at the wrong scale. Many international efforts addressing energy poverty embrace small-scale household-facing approaches. These approaches are beneficial for poor people living with no power at all, but on their own do little to create jobs or economic competitiveness.

Research needs to be connected to policy. Innovative research and data are emerging from the world’s best universities that can help catalyze long-term solutions at scale to build a high-energy future for all nations. But we need a way for that research to be translated into useful jargon-free insights and connected directly to policymaker demand.

The Energy for Growth Hub will:

  • Promote energy solutions aligned with countries’ own development ambitions, via a targeted campaign to rebalance energy policy to include jobs and economic growth.
  • Match policymakers to implementable, research-based options tailored to their specific needs, via proactive engagement and delivery of customized policy memos.

The Energy for Growth Hub's research network currently comprises scholars at leading universities (Stanford, MIT, Columbia, UC-Berkeley, Chicago, Rice, Colorado School of Mines, Michigan, and Johns Hopkins) and at think tanks in Abuja, Nairobi, Accra, New Delhi, and Washington DC. The network is focused on critical issues for building a high-energy future, including the energy-jobs relationship, grid technology, utility-scale renewables, gas-to-power, and big data for smart least-cost energy planning.

The Hub is currently being incubated within CGD and aims for a launch in the fall of 2018.

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