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Get Ready for FY09 Selection!

With hugest of apologies, we had an error in our data sheet which changes the blog I posted yesterday on this year's passing countries. Please use this update and disregard yesterday's. Many thanks.

Continuing Budget Resolution for FY09 Continues MCC Budget Saga

On September 27th, the Senate passed the Continuing Resolution (CR) approved by the House on September 24, funding most of the federal government at FY08 baseline levels through March 6, 2009. Passage of the Continuing Resolution ensures that the International Affairs Budget will be funded at the present FY08 base level of $34.3 billion through the first part of 2009 and will not be considered until after a new Administration and Congress takes office in January 2009.

MCA Monitor Reports from the Field Are Back: Amy Goes To El Salvador

I am so happy to announce that we are able to revive our Reports from the Field series. I have always believed they were invaluable insights, even if just snapshots in time, into the opportunities and challenges facing design and implementation of MCA programs. Read and give us feedback on Amy's terrific report from El Salvador, the first country we have visited where the focus has been more on implementation progress than the compact design process.