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Assessing Feed the Future and U.S. Leadership on Food Security

A new report from the Chicago Council on Global Affairs applauds U.S. government agencies for food security leadership but calls on them to up the game in the face of rising global challenges and shrinking aid budgets. While it is a positive assessment, the report highlights some areas of concern that could affect U.S. leadership in future years.

Tracking Progress and Planning for the Future of Feed the Future

The Chicago Council on Global Affairs came to town yesterday and hosted a valuable symposium on U.S. leadership in food security.  Chaired by Dan Glickman and Catherine Bertini, the Council’s Global Agricultural Development Initiative has contributed to understanding the value of food security as an engine of economic growth in developing countries.

Name a Leader, Not Just Another Coordinator for Feed the Future (And Name Raj Shah!)

The Obama administration’s new Feed the Future initiative awaits the appointment of what is being called a global food security “coordinator.”  But a “coordinator” is not what this signature U.S. development program needs.  It needs a leader: an official with policy and budget authority to execute his or her responsibilities. That leader should be USAID Administrator Raj Shah.