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Kenya Can't Imitate China's Economic Model, As Things Stand (Daily Nation)


From the article:

My bet is that, Kenya specifically, and other developing countries, will need to be far more nimble than China was in negotiating manufacturing success.

The Story Of Ethiopia’s Incredible Economic Rise (Quartz)


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Ethiopia’s economy is booming, and despite the country’s current political turmoil, the IMF thinks the good times will last.

Brasil e Argentina Estão Na Lanterna Da Inclusão Financeira (Exame)


Del artículo:

Um novo estudo realizado pelo BBVA Research, e que será lançado nesta quinta-feira 26, mostrou o Brasil numa posição preocupante em relação à inclusão financeira.

What's The Meaning Of The World Bank's New Poverty Lines? (NPR Goats & Soda)


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According to the World Bank, if you're living on $1.90 a day or less, you're living in extreme poverty.

The 767 million people in that category have $1.90 a day or less in purchasing power to fulfill their daily needs.

Puerto Rico Is Becoming A Textbook Example Of How Waterborne Disease Outbreaks Spread (Quartz)


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The disaster in Puerto Rico wrought by hurricane Maria is still unraveling one month after it hit.

Kenya Pays Factory Workers Twice As Rival Bangladesh (Business Daily)


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Workers in Kenyan factories earn more than twice the average wages that industries in Ethiopia and Bangladesh pay their labourers even as global brands favour low pay countries, a new study shows.