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HIV/AIDS Monitor (Interview)

In this video, CGD senior program associate and director of the HIV/AIDS Monitor Nandini Oomman describes her recent finding from the Seizing the Opportunity on AIDS and Health Systems report and outline Monitors future goals.

Demographics and Development in the 21st Century (Interview)

Beginning in September 2008, the Center for Global Development is sponsoring a new look at "Demographics and Development in the 21st Century." The role of demographics promises to be fundamental in shaping the coming world. In this series, leading scholars explore how demographic changes may affect prospects for global development.

A Funny YouTube Video about Foreign Assistance?

The U.S. Foreign Assistance Act -- a cornerstone of America’s support for global development -- is so badly out of date that it would be funny if it weren’t so pathetic, writes Lawrence MacDonald, CGD director of communications and policy. Although the mainstream media has shown little interest in the issue, the candidates themselves and a growing number of Americans recognize the urgency of modernizing the FAA. A new YouTube video from CGD’s Global Development Matters initiative helps make the case.