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Making Markets for Vaccines

In this two-minute 2006 video clip, Ruth Levine, then CGD senior fellow and director for global health, tells the story of CGD’s Making Markets for Vaccines initiative. She describes how a CGD Working Group produced an economic and legal framework for funds to incentivize vaccine development. The G-7 Finance Ministers endorsed the approach and five donors (Canada, Italy, Norway, UK and Russia, and the Gates Foundation) committed $1.5 billion to create an incentive for a vaccine against the strains of pneumococcus disease prevalent in low-income countries. Owen Barder, a co-author of the working group report, and Alice Albright, a member of the working group who was then CFO of the Global Alliance for Vaccines and Immunization, help tell the story of moving this innovative proposal from idea to action.


The Year Ahead in Global Health at CGD: Amanda Glassman

To mark the start of the new year, my guest is Amanda Glassman, CGD’s new director of global health. I asked Amanda, who previously worked at the Inter-American Development Bank, the Brookings Institution, and USAID, where she sees opportunities for progress on global health in 2011 and beyond.

Amanda summarizes her priorities for CGD’s global health program with two big questions. First, how can donors deploy their global health aid budgets (more constrained than ever) to have the greatest impact on health in poor countries? Second, how can these same donors help poor countries and poor people use their own resources more effectively?