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Too Early to Lower the Guard: How Will Latin America Fare If Macroeconomic Imbalances in Industrial Countries Intensify? (Event audio)

Latin America’s response to the global financial crisis has been remarkably strong. Effective use of fiscal, monetary and exchange rate policies allowed Latin America to fare better than other parts of the world and better than the region itself during previous global economic crises. But macroeconomic disequilibria in high-income countries—especially rising fiscal deficits and sovereign debt in the United States and parts of Europe—run the risk of becoming unsustainable.

Financing Forest Conservation to Combat Global Warming: Keys to Success at Copenhagen (Event audio)

Forest clearing in developing countries is an enormous contributor to global warming, accounting for about 15% of annual greenhouse gas emissions. The Bali Action Plan seeks ways to reward countries for reducing these emissions – an agenda known as REDD (Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and Forest Degradation). Effective implementation of REDD is an intense topic of discussion in the negotiations leading up to Copenhagen. Many observers envision financial flows in the billions of dollars per year, and substantial pilot efforts are already being sponsored by UN-REDD, the World Bank’s Forest Carbon Partnership Facility (FCPF), and the Norwegian International Climate and Forest Initiative.

It’s One Climate Policy World Out There -- Almost

As climate talks get underway in Copenhagen, the specifics of an agreement to slow global warming and adapt to its effects are far from settled. My guest on this week's Wonkcast, Jan von der Goltz, has spent the last few weeks surveying views in the global development community about what these specifics should be.

Jan is the author, along with CGD president Nancy Birdsall, of a new CGD paper It’s One Climate Policy World Out There--Almost that presents the results of a recently completed CGD survey. The online survey, which Nancy and Jan launched in mid-November, collected the views of nearly 500 respondents, hailing from 88 countries, who mostly work on international development issues.

David Wheeler on Climate, Development, and Forest Monitoring for Action (Podcast)

This week, my guest on the Global Prosperity Wonkcast is senior fellow David Wheeler, the lead researcher for CGD’s work on climate and development. Last week, David and his team released a new tool called Forest Monitoring for Action (FORMA). A major advance in the remote monitoring of forests, FORMA makes available rapid, high-resolution monitoring of ongoing deforestation in tropical areas to anybody with an Internet connection.

Beyond Microfinance: Principles of Access to Finance (Podcast)

On this edition of the Wonkcast, I am joined by senior fellow Liliana Rojas-Suarez, who discusses her work as co-chair of the CGD Task Force on Access to Financial Services. Financial regulation—and access—is a hot topic right now, as countries try to reduce the chance of future financial crises, while also ensuring access to financial services. The US House and Senate are currently wrestling with exactly what a revamped US regulatory system should look like.

Zedillo Commission Report on World Bank Governance (audio & video)

On Friday, November 6, 2009, the Center for Global Development hosted the Washington launch and discussion of this important report, with President Zedillo presenting the key recommendations. A panel discussion, moderated by CGD vice president Lawrence MacDonald, followed with CGD president Nancy Birdsall, Foreign Policy editor-in-chief Moisés Naím, and Arvind Subramanian, joint senior fellow with CGD and Peterson Institute.

USAID Missing Person (podcast)

My guest this week is Sheila Herrling, director of CGD’s Rethinking U.S. Foreign Assistance Program. With November upon us and still no USAID administrator, Sheila introduces us to some possible candidates who have already been vetted for other jobs.

Ghana’s Oil: Black Gold or Fools Gold? (podcast)

In CGD’s first Global Prosperity Wonkcast I interview senior fellow Todd Moss on his innovative proposal for managing Ghana’s anticipated $1 billion per year oil windfall: money to the people. Subscribe to the podcast if you have iTunes; read Moss’s executive memo to Ghana’s President John Atta Mills, or get the full story in Saving Ghana from Its Oil: The Case for Direct Cash Distribution.

2009 Commitment to Development Index Webinar (slidecast)

In 2008, the United States finished 17th in the Index. Did it do any better in 2009? How did the other wealthy countries fare? To find out, and to understand the data behind the rankings, watch the Webinar that took place on Oct. 20.  The Webinar includes an overview of the Index and the 2009 results from CGD research fellow David Roodman. CGD senior fellow Steve Radelet, a former deputy assistant secretary of Treasury for Africa, the Middle East and Asia, will discuss the implications of the Index results for the ongoing debate over reforming U.S. development policy.

Start with a Girl: A New Agenda for Global Health (event)

CCG launched the Start With A Girl: A New Agenda For Global Health report on October 7, 2009. In this video of the event, Ambassador of Global Women's Issues Melanne Verveer described the Obama administration's commitment to girls' wellbeing in developing countries, including the State Department’s current efforts and future plans. Following Ambassador Verveer’s address, authors Ruth Levine and Miriam Temin gave a brief overview of the contents of the report and a preview of the eight recommendations for promoting adolescent girls' health. A lively panel discussion followed.

The Crisis Next Time: U.S. Leadership at the Pittsburgh G-20 and Beyond (Event)

On September 10, 2009 CGD president Nancy Birdsall gave a keynote speech titled "The Crisis Next Time: U.S. Leadership at the Pittsburgh G-20 and Beyond." Tim Adams, managing director of The Lindsey Group and former Under Secretary for International Affairs at Treasury, and Francis Fukuyama, director of the International Development Program at the Paul H. Nitze School of Advanced International Studies at the Johns Hopkins University, served as discussants. CGD's vice president of communications and policy outreach, Lawrence MacDonald, moderated the discussion.

Beyond the Fence (event)

This video contains highlights from a recent event hosted at CGD, Beyond the Fence, where experts presented groundbreaking insights into the links between migration, remittances and prosperity.

The Banking Crisis in Mexico and the U.S. (slidecast)

In this presentation, CGD senior fellow Liliana Rojas-Suarez compares the most important features of the Mexico’s banking crisis in the mid-1990s and the current crisis in the United States. The presentation reveals large similarities in the causes of the crises. In particular the root cause of both crises can be found in significant regulatory deficiencies in the context of an expansionary monetary policy. When comparing the resolution processes, key similarities between the two crises, especially with respect to political constraints and indecisive policy reactions are also found.

Access the presentation.

The Banking Crisis in Mexico

Beyond Gender as Usual (slidecast)

At a recent launch event for a new report Beyond Gender as Usual: How HIV/AIDS Donors Can Do More for Women and Girls released by the Center for Global Development and the International Center for Research on Women, director of CGD's HIV/AIDS Monitor Nandini Oomman and HIV/AIDS scientist Kim Ashburn's present their findings.