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Kennedy on Thimerosal

Robert F Kennedy writes about the Thimerosal controversy, and says that the WHO has pushed the CDC to disguise the dangers.

After the Death of a Dictator

Slobodan MilosevicThe death Saturday of former Serbian dictator Slobodan Milosevic (see the BBC Online for one of the many obits) provides only cold comfort to the thousands of families shattered by his policies of ugly nationalism during the 1990s.

Who's demanding impact evaluations - Building evidence for development

Getting people to talk to one another is a good idea. In London this week, the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine and CGD sponsored a meeting of European researchers and officials to discuss the best way of building evidence about what works in developing country social programs. The participants were concerned that the primary obstacle to making progress was a lack of demand for impact studies in developing countries.

Barak Obama Has At Randal Tobias

Amongst a bunch of more seasoned foreign aid senators, newcomer Barak Obama asks the most probing questions of Randal Tobias at his Senate Foreign Relations Committee nomination hearing, including one on the MCA. My good friends at the GII did a nice blog on this event -- kudos guys!