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Bread for the World Calls for More Funds for MCA

In a statement released earlier today, the Reverend David Beckmann, President of Bread for the World, urged US Congress to fully fund President Bush's $3 billion request for the MCA for FY 06.
In June the House Appropriations foreign aid subcommittee approved only $1.75bn for the MCC next year, which is well below the administration's request for $3bn. The cut is part of a larger reduction reflected in the $20.3 billion foreign aid bill approved unanimously by the subcommittee.

Mali Success in Vaccination

According to the World Peace Herald, Mali is making great strides in increasing vaccination coverage.

While vaccination rates increased in most parts of the world during the 1990s, they fell dramatically in Africa. But Mali is one country bucking that dismal trend. Vaccination coverage here almost doubled, to 86 percent last year compared to about 45 percent in 1999. Malian officials hope to boost coverage to 90 percent over the next decade.

Georgia Expects $300 Million from MCA

Georgia expects to receive $300 million in MCA funds. According to The Messenger, Georgia's English daily, the MCC has cleared the proposal, adding $100 million to the initial request.
On July 8, The Messenger wrote:

Bush Pledges More Aid; G8 Cancel Debt

As the leaders of the G8 countries meet in Gleneagles in Scotland, they probably wonder whether President Bush will deliver on his promises.
According to administration figures, during the Bush presidency, the United States roughly tripled aid to Africa, to about $4.3 billion. On June 30, before he left for the G8 Summit in Gleneagles in Scotland, President Bush said in a major speech on development that U.S. aid to the continent would double again by 2010, meaning $8.6 billion per year.

Burkina Faso Gets $12.9 Million Threshold Grant

Burkina Faso will receive a $12.9 million MCA grant to improve girls' primary education completion rates, the MCC announced today. The grant is the first of its kind for a Threshold country.
Managed through USAID, the Threshold Program provides assistance to countries that demonstrate a significant commitment to meet MCA selection requirements but nevertheless fail to complete the conditions.
Countries eligible for the Threshold Program are invited to submit funding proposals geared towards improving their performance in the indicators they missed in the selection process.

Cape Verde and United States Sign Compact

Cape Verde and the United States signed a $110 million compact in Praia on July 4. The five-year compact focuses on infrastructure, agricultural, and private sector development. This is the first time a compact is signed outside of the United States.

The Impact of Vaccines

Very interesting table, orginally from CDC and reproduced on the Parents of Kids with Infectious Diseases website showing the impact of vaccines on disease in America:

Maximum Annual vs. 1995 Cases of  Vaccine-Preventable Diseases in the U.S.