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Vaccination Is the Best Defense Against Rotavirus

Manila Bulletin Online reports a conference in Manila about Rotavirus:

Nearly 500,000 children or roughly one child per minute dies every year worldwide because of rotavirus infection – a wheel-shaped virus that is a leading cause of severe vomiting, fever and watery diarrhea among infants and children, causing severe dehydration.

Jenny Lanjouw

jlw.jpgJenny Lanjouw, a non-resident Fellow of the Center for Global Development, died on Tuesday.
Jenny was an inspiration and a friend. She fought poverty with passion and a brilliant mind. One of her legacies will be her ingenious proposal to increase access to drugs in developing countries.

Commitment to Democracy

A very nice piece out yesterday from Freedom House on the democracy hurdle for MCC funding. What to do with countries that pass the MCC's "ruling justly" indicators but have questionable democratic processes? And not the classic cases of China or Egypt, but some development darlings like Burkina Faso and Uganda. Is it time, as we proposed recently, to introduce a democracy hard hurdle similar to the existing corruption one?