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Leavitt on the Vaccine Industry

On Meet the Press yesterday, Michael Leavitt said:

The bad news is we don't have the capacity to manufacture it in sufficient volume or in speed to do us the good that's necessary. And the reason is because we have allowed the vaccine manufacturing industry to diminish to a point they don't have the ability. We have to do nothing short of rebuild that industry, and that's a major part of the comprehensive plan with the president.

Brad Pitt Takes On Trade

From the Washington Post today:

Hollywood's most desirable man spent Friday preparing for a new role: Brad Pitt, trade expert.

Pitt takes this business seriously. Black suit, black notebook. A profound, concentrated look. Impressively neat handwriting.

Controversy over GSK Malaria Vaccine

"It is too early to say we have a vaccine against malaria," according to Pierre Druilhi, director of the Biomedical Parasitological Unit at the Pasteur Institute in Paris, at a major international conference in the Cameroonian capital Yaounde on malaria which closed today.

New Results for GSK Malaria Vaccine Suggests

The Lancet has published details of the 18-month results of the Mozambique clinical trials of GSK candidate malaria vaccine, RTS,S.

Results last year showed that this vaccine reduced risk of clinical malaria, delayed time to new infection, and reduced episodes of severe malaria over 6 months in African children.

Rotarix licensed in Singapore

Singapore has licensed GSK's new vaccine against rotavirus gastroenteritis among children under 5 years old. The vaccine was tested in 11 polyclinics and three hospitals in Singapore.

Rotavirus gastroenteritis is a viral infection which causes severe diarrhea and kills half a million children worldwide every year.

This is apparently the first time that a major pharmaceutical company has conducted large scale vaccine trials licensed the vaccine licensed in Singapore before introducing it in the United States or Europe.