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Does the US Interest Rate Rise Mean Trouble for Emerging Markets? Depends on Your Timeframe

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The rate is still very low at 0.75% in the US, and, in addition, there is no perception or expectation that rates are about to rise in other advanced economies such as Japan or the EU. Taken together then, interest rates in advanced economies look set to stay extremely low. So, for now at least, emerging markets may not need to worry too much about capital inflows drying up. But in the medium to long term a problem may loom for emerging markets.

Interest Rates by Region

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Working on chapter 7 now, I just updated and refined this graph showing the distribution of microcredit interest rates by region. It is my attempt to convey the kind of information in Figure 1 of this report by Richard Rosenberg, Adrian Gonzalez, and Sushma Narain.

Quick: What's the Grameen Bank's Interest Rate?

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Something I've been fuzzy on is what interest rate the Grameen Bank charges. Seems like the sort of thing an aspiring microfinance expert should know.

Fortunately, the Grameen Bank is the world's best-documented microcreditor. One can, for example, quickly learn from the Bank's website that the rate is 16 percent.