One of the greatest achievements in education worldwide has been the dramatic increases seen in primary school enrolment and attainment. This progress has though not been matched by equivalent gains in learning. CGD’s research on global learning is seeking to better understand how education systems function (and dysfunction)--how they can be simultaneously so successful at achieving school enrolment and so unsuccessful at achieving real learning. 


RISE Event

RISE –Research on Improving Systems of Education– is a new, multi-year program to build understanding of the design and implementation of successful education reforms through rigorous, primary research spanning multiple developing countries. 

Despite great progress around the world in getting more kids into schools, too many leave without even the most basic skills. In this book, Lant Pritchett shows that the solution is to allow functional systems to evolve locally out of an environment pressured for success.

Cash on Delivery is a new approach to foreign aid that focuses on results, encourages innovation, and strengthens government accountability to citizens rather than donors. Under COD Aid, donors pay for measurable and verifiable progress on specific outcomes.