Finance and Investment

CGD’s work on financial services analyzes how to strengthen, deepen, and broaden financial systems in poor countries to maximize the benefits for poor households and improve development prospects. Related research examines the effects of financial crises and instability and how to avoid them. Our investment research evaluates efforts to help developing countries improve their business climates, foster entrepreneurship, and increase the positive effects of foreign direct investment.


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The Overseas Private Investment Corporation (OPIC) is the US government’s development finance institution. It is a leading agency in implementing President Obama’s Power Africa Initiative and the Electrify Africa Act. CGD’s work focuses on how OPIC can most effectively promote economic opportunity and growth.


CGD’s work seeks to inform how we can structure effective partnerships between donors and private investors. From incentivizing vaccine development for neglected diseases to investing in development impact bonds, CGD homes in on how to crowd-in private sector financing, expertise, and tolerance for iteration and adaptation to effectively deliver sustainable development. 

CGD research examines donor efforts to help developing countries improve their business climate and foster entrepreneurship, and research into ways to increase the positive impacts—and avoid pitfalls—of foreign direct investment.

Greater access for the poor to financial services such as payments, deposits, credits, insurance and risk-management services can improve their opportunities and welfare. This CGD task force is working to identify the regulatory changes needed to increase financial inclusion while protecting consumers and financial stability.

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A new CGD Working Group, composed of leading experts on Basel III and economic development, will assess the relevance, advantages, and challenges for emerging markets’ financial stability derived from the global implementation of Basel III.