The Birdsall House Conference Series on Women

A signature feature of CGD’s Gender and Development Program is the annual Birdsall House Conference on Women, which identifies and brings attention to leading research and scholarly findings on women’s empowerment in the field of development economics.

Our inaugural conference, Small Incentives, Big Impact: Creating Conditions for Women and Girls to Thrive, focused on high-impact methods donor institutions can use to advance gender equality, including cash transfers, quotas, and communications tools. Our 2016 conference will explore beyond-aid solutions to promoting gender equality, specifically examining the role of the private sector (and related policymaking efforts) in improving the lives of women and girls. The 2017 conference will focus on the intersection of women’s ability to control their fertility and outcomes related to women’s empowerment. 

Our yearly conferences complement CGD work on the research and policy ideas highlighted through their convening. As an outgrowth of the 2015 conference, CGD’s Gender and Development Program has developed a research agenda focused on donor institutions’ approaches to promoting gender equality, their financing of gender equality projects, and related monitoring and evaluation efforts. Our 2016 conference complements our current research on integrating issues of gender equality into private sector value chains and related policy proposals

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